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Kassiopi Corfu Villas

Kassiopi Harbour from above. Photo credits: Eddie Kastamonitis.

When looking for villas to rent in Corfu or an apartment to rent in Corfu, certainly Kassiopi – and indeed the North-East coast of Corfu – ticks many boxes. Kassiopi is a delight to all visitors. And popular for good reason. Situated on the North-East coast of Corfu, this beautiful fishing village plays host to plentiful restaurants, bars and beaches. Overlooked by the Byzantium castle ruins and with the ancient church grounds at it’s core, the connection of the old and the new fuses together creating a unique, traditional yet cosmopolitan resort. We at Kassiopi Corfu Villas are very proud to call this stunning village our home.

Kassiopi Corfu Villas - Exploring Kassiopi...

Kassiopi Harbour

Naturally, Kassiopi harbour is the beating heart of the village. Still a working fishing harbour, you can find fisherman and their traditional ‘Kaiki’s’ moored alongside speed boats, sailing vessels and yachts. Surrounding this beautiful port are plenty of restaurants and cafes/bars to choose from. Enjoy people watching, or enjoy the views stretching across to Albania. Kassiopi harbour is definitely the place to be.

Kassiopi Beaches

The main beach of the village is Kalamionas beach. Alongside this, Kassiopi is home also to a few beautiful small coves along the headland of Kassiopi worthy of exploration. Most notably is Bataria beach with crystal clear waters and pebbles. All within easy walking distance. Being on the North-East coast of Corfu, the seas here are free from dangerous currents and flaunt blue-flag status.

Kassiopi Square and high street

Home to more restaurants, bars and bakeries. Plus tourist and boutique shops, ATM’s, supermarkets, car-hire offices, tourist offices, pharmacy and children’s playground. The village of Kassiopi is a great resort to choose for visitors not wishing to drive as every amenity is accessible by foot. Bus routes run from the square of Kassiopi, where is also located the small taxi rank.

Kassiopi Corfu Villas

Folded Lamb – Petrino Restaurant, centre of Kassiopi Harbour. 

Dining in Kassiopi

As a village, Kassiopi holds a good overall standard of eateries meaning most visitors shall never have a bad meal. Combined with the fact you have the choice between so many eateries serving food to suit all tastes and all budgets concludes Kassiopi to be a great spot for dining.

Primarily you can find – and rightly so, you might add – traditional Greek cuisine and Corfiot specialities such as Mousakka, Sofrito and Pastitsada. Being a fishing port in abundant waters, the restaurants – especially harbour-side ones – also serve daily fresh seafood. Besides the above in the more upmarket establishments, enjoy speciality dishes showcasing the wonders of modern Greek cuisine but in a non-stuffy, informal atmosphere. Dining in Kassiopi is a laid back affair with smiling waiters and child-friendly restaurants.

Find also Italian and (general) Mediterranean dishes alongside international favourites. Restaurants, simple tavernas, meze bars, grill and fast-food houses – more choices than most visitors have days! 

Shopping in Kassiopi...

With the most stores outside of Corfu Town, Kassiopi is great little shopping spot. Yes you shall find the prerequisite tourist shops selling all types of beach paraphernalia and bog-standard souvenirs but look deeper and you shall see the real shopping delights Kassiopi has to offer.

Handmade lace and crochet items. Bespoke olive wood crafts. Greek Jewellery both of modern and traditional design. Souvenirs – proudly displaying their made in Greece label. Beyond the standard tourist shops, lies a great selection to purge that retail therapy urge in. Look out also for the boutiques that stock and support Greek designers: modern resort wear and accessories with ethos, style and great value for money.

Kassiopi Corfu Villas

Celeste Boutique, Kassiopi High Street

The Byzantium Castle of Kassiopi...

Kassiopi’s long historic past is still evident in the shape of the surviving remains of the Byzantium period fortress. Overlooking Kassiopi harbour and the strategically important sea channel, the dating of the castle’s original build is still today under question.

With the help of EU grants the grounds have been partially restorated. And it is through these repair works, new findings have came to light suggesting castle structure was built even as early as 6th century B.C. What we see today however, is the fortified structure from the Venetians, surviving seiges from the Ottoman Turks in the 16th Century.

To reach the castle, follow the signposted path opposite the bell tower of Kassiopi’s church. Walking the parameters of the castle, you are treated to some spectacular views of Kassiopi and across the sea to the Albanian coastline. Whilst fairly overgrown and mostly in ruins, a walk around the walls nevertheless make it evident why a castle here was built in the first place and also, why it was so successful in defending it’s occupants throughout history.

Religion and festivities...

Kassiopi’s church and it’s beautiful grounds are tucked away just off the main high street on the right hand side heading down towards the harbour. Dedicated to the blessed Virgin Mary, the church was built on the foundations of the destroyed temple of Jupiter Cassius (from whom Kassiopi gets it’s name). Visitors are welcome to visit providing they are dressed respectively.

The church possesses the icon of the Virgin Mary – credited to having miraculous powers – and remains a big monument to Corfu. A site of pilgramage throughout time for the orthodox religion until today.

Kassiopi plays host to some beautiful celebrations throughout the year and it is at these times that you really feel the community spirit and authentic Greek culture come alive. Notable festivals include May Day, May 8th miracle festival, May 21st celebrating the unification of the Ionian Islands, August 15th in celebration of the assumption of the virgin Mary and October 28th celebrating ‘Oxi’ (no) Day. Often these days would be highlighted with church parades, marching bands, live music, fireworks and greek dancing. Plus lots of merry Greek locals!

Kassiopi Corfu Villas