Off-season experience

With both the natural and cultural beauty of Corfu so evident at Easter and spring time, it makes a perfect occasion to visit our beautiful

With direct flights to Corfu starting as early as March, it is now more convenient than ever to experience and celebrate this religious event.

Throughout the period of Holy Week, numerous processions occur in Kassiopi, Corfu Town and other villages to commemorate the different stages of the most important week in the Greek religious calendar. During such, priests recite extracts from the bible in their renowned melodic chant; the famous philharmonic bands of Corfu fill the air with unimaginable musical enjoyment or melancholy- depending on its purpose; and all the locals, from grandchildren to great grandparents, come out to give you a real feel for the Greek culture.

off-season-1Corfu is the only place in the world to celebrate 2 resurrections. One of these takes place on Easter Saturday at 11am and to mark this, in Corfu Town, locals will throw ceramic pots from windows and balconies. By smashing things up and making loud noises, it is believed to scare the evil away. A Pagan explanation for its origins is that the Ancient Greeks wanted to wake up Persephone, the goddess of spring, and accelerate the coming of spring. The second resurrection happens at midnight and can be enjoyed in Kassiopi. For this, holy mass is conducted in the harbour where everybody bears a candle lit by the holy flame from the church. The whole harbour becomes a sea of lit candles and the atmosphere is truly unique and unforgettable. After mass, the party begins!

Stopping in one of our villas at Easter time, we will provide you with a ‘what’s on’ diary highlighting these special events and precessions so you can fully optimize your stay in Kassiopi. Plus, as a present to you, we’ll give something traditional to Greek Easter’s for you to enjoy on Easter Sunday!

If the bountiful cultural offerings is not enough, the flora and fauna of the island is also at its peak. As Gerald Durell described in his book about Corfu ‘My Family and Other Animals,’ ‘With March came the spring, and the island was flower-filled, scented, and a-flutter with new leaves…’ As the highest temperatures are not yet upon us, spring is perfect for exploring the surrounding area and enjoying the environment, wildlife and plant life by foot.

On the doorstep of Kassiopi, is the protected nature walk of ‘Erimitis’ which gives the visitor a picturesque view full of off-season-5colour and beauty from wild flowers, intertwined with the harmonious blue of the sea and the endless shades of natural green. To guide you along the trail, we at KassiopiCorfuVillas can provide a booklet to help you.