Kassiopi’s History

Since ancient times, Kassiopi and it’s muncipality have been of great strategic importance. From this part of the island, one could control the sea strait which leads to the modern-day named Dalmation coasts. During a time when ships ruled the world, it is therefore no wonder kassiopi-18that Kassiopi was once the capital of Corfu.

Kassiopi village is thought to have been founded by the King of Epirus in the 3rd century BC during his reign of Pyrrus of Epirus and it has seen many more emperors, conquerors and invaders since.

Evidence of this can still be seen today – the Byzantium castle on the headland of Kassiopi withstood sieges from the Ottoman Turks and was destroyed for the very last time by the Venetians who took pieces of stone from this castle to reinforce the one in Corfu Town. Myth says that for a person to enter Corfu town at this time, they had to bring a stone from the castle of Kassiopi as a donation. Nowadays, just the remains stand but with the help of EU grants, efforts are being made to restore the castle to its former glory.

One of the most prominent visitors to the village must be Emperor Nero who came to the temple of Zeus to worship. The church of Kassiopitra stands on these ruins, continuing the area as a place of religious importance.

With war and conflicts finally over, Kassiopi flourished as a fishing village producing many traditional products and it’s undisturbed beauty started to attract tourists from the 1940’s onwards.kassiopi-06

With history, beauty and modern developments coherently existing together, it is not surprising that VIPs from both inside and outside of Europe have either bought holiday homes here or enjoy incognito villa rental holidays here.